The Best Cycling Headphones Reviews 2020 : Buying guide

Best Cycling Headphones

Best cycling headphones Reviews 2020

If you only go on the road, it is, of course, nice if you can put some music on. This helps with the concentration and often causes you to cycle faster. Moreover, long journeys are less boring. But which headphones are most suitable for cycling?

Here we go deeper into the different types of sports tips, which you have to look out for when you go cycling with headphones, the different types of headphones and what you have to pay attention to when buying your best cycling headphones. Finally, we look at five popular headphones from different brands.


Headphones For Cycling – Table

Jaybird Freedom Special EditionIn-earYesSee Price
Bose SoundSport FreeIn-earYesSee Price
Beats Powerbeats 3 WirelessEarclipsYesSee Price
Plantronics Backbeat FitNeckbandYesSee Price
Fresh ‘n Rebel Lace Wireless Sports EarbudsIn-earYesSee Price


Cycling with music

You usually cycle with friends or other cycling enthusiasts, but sometimes you also cycle alone. Then it is nice to have some music.

Music ensures that you can concentrate better on your cycling performances. In addition, podcasts or audiobooks are great for listening to long journeys. You see more and more cyclists with earplugs for these reasons.

Type of Headphones

Headphones come in all shapes and sizes. Certain ears are specially designed for athletes, others are meant for people who only listen to music while working.

Earpieces with neckband

Earpieces with neckband

At first, earplugs with a neckband look quite separate. But do not be mistaken: they are extremely useful. Thanks to the neckband, the ears stay comfortable and comfortable.

You have, as it were, all the advantages of ‘normal’ earplugs in combination with a comfortable neckband so that the earplugs will not fall out of your ears. There is one disadvantage: the neckband sometimes wants to get in the way when you wear glasses and helmets.


Earclips/ear hooks


In addition to the neckband, you also have bicycle earphones with so-called ‘ear clips’. The ear hooks ensure that the ears will not fall out.

Many people find the ear hooks finer than earplugs with a neck strap. However, the ear hooks can sometimes be uncomfortable or annoying. The ear hooks can also get in the way if you wear a helmet.




Finally, you have the in-ear earplugs. These are not specially designed for athletes. Many ‘standard’ ears are already in-ear. An ‘in-ear’ earplug is a lot deeper in your ear than normal ears.

This ensures that the caps fall out less quickly and that you hear the music better. This also has a disadvantage: you get less from your environment. You watch, unconsciously, less on traffic, which can lead to dangerous situations.

Before purchasing headphones/earplugs for cycling?

Not all headphones are suitable for cyclists. There are a number of issues that you should look out for. This prevents you from doing a bad buy.


Before you buy cycling headphones you have to check if the fit is good. Especially if the ears go well with your helmet. Is your helmet still good and comfortable when you have the headphones? In addition, it is also important, especially with ears with a neckband, that fits well on your head. This way you prevent the headphones from falling out or getting in the way.


When you go cycling it is not always nice weather. Of course, you do not want your new bike earplugs to go off immediately when you get an unexpected downpour over you.

That is why there are also water-resistant cycling headphones. These can have a lot of water, so you do not have to worry about the weather.

Adjust volume

You come to a busy intersection, watch out! Still useful if you can make the music softer, so you better watch the traffic. So make sure that the cycling headphones you want to purchase have easy-to-use volume control. Then you do not have to squeeze in all kinds of turns if you want to turn the music a bit softer or harder.


Would you like to be able to call occasionally while cycling? Then look at ears with a built-in microphone. Then you can easily make a call during your ride.

Best Cycling Headphones: Wired or wireless?

Just like with ‘normal’ headphones, there are wired and wireless versions of sports caps. What you prefer most, of course, depends on your personal preference. In general, cyclists find wireless headphones better because there are no wires in the way. This gives you more freedom of movement. Loose wires can also lead to dangerous situations.


If you have chosen wireless earbuds, you should consider the battery life. Make sure that the ears have at least a battery life of 5-7 hours.

Then you are sure that they will last all day long. In the evening you can recharge them, then they can be used again the next day. Many sports headphones have a supplied charger. With this, you can charge the battery.

Portable with a helmet?

Portable with a helmet

Earlier we mentioned that it is important that you should be able to comfortably wear your ears and your helmet together. It is not only about comfort, but also about safety. Your helmet must always sit properly. So pay attention when you buy earplugs.


Cycling with music is a controversial topic. Many people, including cyclists, think it should be fine. However, there are also those who find it too dangerous. You can get distracted by the music and you will get less from your environment. This can lead to dangerous situations.

It is, of course, your own choice whether your music listens during cycling. It is not forbidden. However, it is possible that you get a ticket if you cause a dangerous situation.

That is why it is important that you pay extra attention when you have music. It is wise, for example, not to have the music too loud.

Recommended bicycle earplugs

Below we look at five popular and successful earplugs from the brand’s Jaybird, Bose, Beats by Dre, Plantronics and Fresh ‘n Rebel. The type of ears, the design and the different characteristics are discussed.

We also look at the advantages and disadvantages of these best cycling headphones. Based on this you can determine which headphones are best for you!


Jaybird Freedom Special Edition Review


The Freedom Special Edition of the famous brand Jaybird are simple in-ear sports caps with striking battery life. The battery life of 8 ensures that you can listen to music all day without worrying about the battery. The ears themselves have a battery life of 4 hours. The included charger, a kind of power bank, also has 4 hours of battery.

Due to the simple and elegant design, the ears look good and are also very light. Because the earphones are so small you wear them very easily under a bicycle helmet.

The Jaybird Freedom earphones are wireless and use Bluetooth. So you do not have to deal with clumsy wires that restrict your freedom of movement. In addition, the earplugs are waterproof.

These special sports earplugs are actually in-ear ears with a small ear hook. This ear hook ensures that the ears stay in place and do not fall out of your ear. Because it is in-ear ears you hear the music better, but you are closed off from the environment.

Many users are very satisfied with their Jaybird Freedom Special Edition. The sound quality is great, people are happy with the long battery life and the elegant and minimalist design is also praised.


Advantage: Thanks to the small design, the ears are comfortable to wear under a helmet.
Disadvantage: Because the so-called in-ear earplugs are, you get less of the traffic around you. But you get a better sound quality.


Bose SoundSport Free Review


The Bose brand is known for its great products. The SoundSport Free does not disappoint. These ears were actually the first real waterproof and wireless sports headphones in the market.

The SoundSport Free ears are super small, lightweight and comfortable. They have a battery life of 5 hours (usually enough) and can be charged within a quarter of an hour for 1 hour of use. If you have a portable charger with you, you have, as it were, another 10 hours of extra battery life.

These Bose sports are also waterproof and wireless. Especially the waterproof is useful for cyclists. The ears use Bluetooth and have very good sound quality. Moreover, the volume is easy to control.

Just like the Jaybird Freedom, the Bose SoundSport Free in-ear earphones with a modest ear hook. Because of this, the ears do not come from their place. Because they are in-ear caps, you have better sound quality. However, it is disadvantageous that you get less from this environment.

The Bose SoundSport is widely loved. People praise the comfortable design, the sound quality and the ease of use. The water resistance is especially appreciated by real sports enthusiasts. The long battery life also makes these sports caps very popular, which makes one of the best cycling headphones.


Benefit:  With an extra charger, the Bose SoundSport has a battery life of no less than 15 hours.
Disadvantage:  In-ear earplugs are usually less safe.


Beats Powerbeats 3 Wireless Review


The Powerbeats 3 are sports headphones with ear hooks. This keeps the ears well in place. In addition, they have a modest neck strap, which ensures that ears do not lose as soon as they come loose.

These sports have an impressive battery life of 12 hours and can be recharged within 5 minutes for 1 hour of use. The ears are slightly larger because of the ear hooks, so they sometimes get in the way of the helmet or glasses. So you have to take this into account.

Like most cycling headphones, these ears are waterproof and wireless. They use a Bluetooth connection with your phone. Because the earplugs are wireless you do not suffer from cables and associated clumsiness.

The Beats Powerbeats 3 Wireless are loved by the real athletes. The ears are comfortable, stay well and are not in-ear ears. It is therefore somewhat safer to use on busy roads. Furthermore, many people find the neckband handy: it is a shame to lose these beautiful earplugs! The long battery life also means that many athletes, especially cyclists, use these caps for their long journeys.



Advantage:  Battery life of 12 hours without having to carry an extra charger.
Disadvantage:  Due to the ear hooks these headphones are more difficult to use with cycling glasses and bicycle helmets.


Plantronics Backbeat Fit Review


Plantronics Backbeat are the headphones for real sports enthusiasts. These comfortable ears have a sturdy and lightweight neck strap that provides extra comfort and prevents ears from falling out. Like the other sports headphones, Backbeat earphones are waterproof and wireless. These sports from Plantronics also have a built-in microphone. You can call during sports.

The battery of the Plantronics Backbeat fit lasts up to 8 hours. This is usually more than enough. Do you want to charge the ears quickly? Which can! After 15 minutes of charging, you can continue for another hour.

Backbeat’s design is modern. The ears are available in different colors and look good. Because of the reflective accents, you can easily be seen in the dark.

Just like the other wireless Headphones, the Plantronics Backbeat Fit uses a Bluetooth connection with your phone. So you can easily play your favorite songs from your Spotify list.

Due to the (relatively) large neckband, the Headphones are sometimes difficult to wear together with a bicycle helmet and cycling glasses. So this is something you should pay attention to when purchasing the BackBeat Fit.

The Backbeat Fit from the Plantronics brand is now seen by many athletes. It is a very popular product. Many people appreciate the build quality, the sleek design, the low weight and the great sound quality. For some people, however, the fit was not perfect. So keep this in mind.



Advantage: Thanks to the firm neckband, the ears stay in place.
Disadvantage:  Fit is not suitable for everyone, for example, the neck strap is in the way of some helmets and cycling glasses.


Fresh ‘n Rebel Lace Wireless Sports Review

The Fresh ‘n Rebel Lace Wireless Sports is very similar to the Bose SoundSport Free. Both headphones are waterproof, wireless, so-called in-ear ears and are simply designed.

The Wireless Sports also has a small ear hook that ensures that it stays in place. Because the ears are so small they fit easily under your helmet and you experience no problems with wearing glasses.

In contrast to the aforementioned ears, these ears can be used both wirelessly and wired. The battery life of the ears is 6 hours. When the battery is empty, simply pick up the audio cable and continue listening. This is a slightly easier option than carrying an extra charger.

Just like the SoundSport Free and the Jaybird Freedom, the Lace Wireless Sports are ‘in-ear’ earphones. This has positive effects on the sound quality but negative consequences for safety.

The Resh ‘n Rebel Lace Wireless Sports is not only popular headphones For Cycling but also with’ ordinary ‘users. This is due to the impressive sound quality, the simple design and the water tightness. The option to wire the ears when the battery is empty is also very popular.



Benefit: If the battery is empty, you can use an audio cable to continue listening.
Disadvantage: Just like Bose SoundSport Free and the Jaybird Freedom, these are ‘in-ear’ ears, which is considered less safe for cycling. However, this is advantageous for sound quality.

Conclusion of best headphones for cycling

There are many different types of best cycling headphones that you can use for cycling. Which suits you best depends on your personal preferences and your environment. Do you live in a quiet area with little traffic? Then it is not a problem if you choose ‘in-ear’ ears, like the Bose SoundSport Free for example.

The headphones also differ in terms of battery life. Again it depends on your personal preference. If you often make short trips, it does not matter that the Bose SoundSport has a battery life of ‘only’ 5 hours.

As far as sound quality is concerned, the headphones hardly do anything for each other. So it really depends on what you are looking for. The price of the best cycling headphones also plays a role. We hope that we have helped you with this and that you can find suitable earplugs for your journey.