Best Cheap Bicycle Lights Reviews 2020

Best Cheap Bicycle Lights
Best Cheap Bicycle Lights Reviews 

Do you sometimes cycle in the dark?

Then it is very important that you are visible to other road users, but also that the bicycle path is well lit.

In this review, we compare the best cheap bicycle lights under $100  in a price range of 50 to 80 dollars.

We look at the design, burning time, settings and charging options. We also carry out a practical test so that we can measure the exact burning time.

The results:

Best cheap bicycle headlights

A good headlight is of great importance. Below we have already listed the best headlights.

NameBurning time Lumenprice
Lezyne Hecto Drive 400XL17,5400SEE PRODUCT
Lezyne Macro Drive – 1100XL781100SEE PRODUCT
Sigma Buster – Headlight8200SEE PRODUCT

Best cheap bicycle backlighting

No hassle with loose headlights and loose backlighting. With these handy sets, you are provided with front and backlighting at once.

NameBurning time Lumenprice
Lezyne Femto Drive Pair15 (front) & 7 (behind)60SEE PRODUCT
AXA Greenline 15 Lamp set15 lux6SEE PRODUCT
Lezyne Strip Drive Pair LED30.5300SEE PRODUCT

Best cheap bicycle tail light

Looking for a nice and reliable backlight? We have chosen this backlight for you

NameBurning time Lumenprice
Lezyne Zecto Drive77SEE PRODUCT
Lezyne Femto Drive Rear 60 7SEE PRODUCT

The above lamps make use of USB power


Best Cheap Bicycle Lights Reviews 2020

Lezyne Strip Drive bicycle lighting set


  • Lezyne Strip Drive bicycle lighting setWeight: 152 grams
  • Dimensions : 163 x 83 x 47 cm
  • Burning time: 11 hours
  • Power supply: USB
  • Positions: 9
  • Type: Front and rear light


This set consists of a front and rear light strip. The set has 9 different positions so you can choose the right intensity and blinking modes yourself. The lamps are also equipped with side lighting so that you can also see clearly from the side. This set has a USB connection on the bottom of the product so you can easily charge it.


Thanks to the different positions it is possible to choose the right intensity, even for the rear light this is ideal. This prevents you from dazzling your bike sizes because of your sharp tail light.

To see how full the battery is, press the top of the device. Then lights turn on the LEDs so you can read how full the battery is.

Thanks to the rubber strip, the lighting is very easy to attach by hand so you do not need any extra tools.


The lightweight and small compact design is ideal for road bikes. The lighting is easy to assemble by hand. However, not all modes are equally useful and we mainly use the constant or flashing mode. Thanks to the USB rechargeable battery you do not need batteries anymore, ideal!

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LEZYNE MACRO DRIVE 1100XL bicycle lighting

LEZYNE MACRO DRIVE 1100XL bicycle lighting

  • Weight: 152 grams
  • Dimensions: 41 x 25 x 95 mm
  • Burning time: 2.5 hours
  • Power supply: USB
  • Positions: 4 + 2 blinker
  • Type: Headlight


The Lezyne Macro Drive is compact and stands out thanks to the silver housing. This lamp is also executed in a luxury version and then it is possible to attach the lamp to your helmet.


The lamp is equipped with 4 different constant light beams with which you can adjust the intensity yourself. If you set the lamp to the brightest position, it will only last 2.5 hours, which is not surprising because it gives a very powerful wide light source so you see the surroundings alongside the bike path.

The front lamp is fairly easy to assemble on all steering forms thanks to an elastic. The USB port is a bit deeper in the product, so not all USB cables connect easily.


This front lamp is not only ideal for extremely dark cycle paths but can also be used offroad thanks to the wide beam of light. It is easy to attach to the handlebar and also to the helmet.

In addition, this front lamp can be combined with the  Lezyne Femto Drive backlight .


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SIGMA SPORTSTER bike lights – Long bright burning time


  • SIGMA SPORTSTER bike lights - Long bright burning timeWeight: 97 grams
  • Dimensions : 34 x 90 mm
  • Burning time: 6 hours
  • Power supply: USB
  • Positions: 2
  • Type: Headlight


The front lamp has an internal battery, so you do not have to purchase external batteries to use this front lamp. The battery is rechargeable by means of a USB connection.

The Sigma Sportster has a rectangular beam and is easy to assemble


A diameter of 22 to 32 millimeters is recommended for the installation of this bicycle lamp. A larger diameter ensures that the lamp does not close perfectly so that it can rotate during cycling.

This lamp gives a reasonably bright rectangular beam and is a lot brighter in the middle so that the bike path is clearly visible. The indicator lights of this light are pretty bright, especially if you ride in very dark areas. The burning time of this lamp is 6 hours.

Round handle needed with a diameter of 22-32 millimeters. Very good bright lighting. Bright in the middle, around it a lighter rectangular shape


The lamp is nicely finished and gives a good light beam for this price range. We had expected a brighter lamp for this price range, but the burning time of 6 hours makes up for a lot.


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BBB SWAT BLS-105K Bicycle light


  • BBB SWAT BLS-105K Bicycle lightWeight: 110 grams
  • Dimensions: 40x27x82 mm
  • Burning time: 3.5 hours
  • Power supply: USB
  • Positions: 1
  • Type: Headlight


The BBB Swat is BBB’s new design and is equipped with a rubber cap to protect the USB input from water and dirt. The housing looks futuristic and is also very nicely finished. This lamp has a built-in battery and can be charged using the USB port.


The lamp fits almost all diameters thanks to the included rubber strap. Unfortunately, there is only 1 stand available so you can not dim the lamp in case you are already on an illuminated bike path.

The battery life indication clearly shows when the lamp is approaching the end of its battery life. During the testing of this bicycle light, it appears that the light only lasts 3.5 hours.

Oncoming traffic is not blinded because the light shines downwards and is blocked at the top by a hood. The light beam is very wide so that not only the cycle path but also a part of the environment is illuminated.


This bicycle lighting gives a lot of light and is ideal for extremely dark conditions, but that is also possible for this price. On the other hand, an assembly is somewhat more difficult due to the loose rubber parts supplied.

This product is no longer available, we recommend the following product:

Cycle Torch Shark 500 USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set


TOPEAK white lite aero USB light set – Best Cheap Bicycle Lights


  • TOPEAK whitelite aero USB light setWeight: 32 grams
  • Dimensions: 66 x 24 x 34 mm
  • Burning time: 11 hours
  • Power supply: USB
  • Positions: 2
  • Type: front and rear light


This is the smallest front lamp in this review, it is aerodynamically developed and is an absolute lightweight with no less than 32 grams. With this, Topeak follows the latest trends and this lamp is the perfect lamp for a racing bike. Thanks to the elastics and adapters, this lamp fits different diameters. Ideal for mounting on the front fork or possibly under the saddle.


The front lamp has a burning time of 11 hours and has a wide beam with rays to the side. However, it is only a lamp with which you are seen, it does not really contribute to a better view of the road.

Thanks to the rubbers and round fit, the lamp is easy to assemble. Pay attention, the elastics are not fixed to the lamp so that they can just get lost.


Thanks to its small compact design and weighing only 32 grams, this is the ideal light for a racing bike. The front fork is the best place for this lamp because this makes your steering wheel free and you do not appear in the face. However, it is an expensive set for a lighting that you can only be seen with.


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I hope this guide has helped you choose the best cheap bicycle lights 2020 under $100 for your needs. If you would like to comment or recommend a product that I did not include, please use my contact form to contact me.